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The Unsung Heroes Behind Every Puff

At the epicenter of the world’s premier tobacco farms…

One cannot traverse the expanse of Nicaragua’s Estelí region, the rolling hills of the Dominican Republic’s Cibao Valley, or Brazil’s Bahia without encountering them: the unsung heroes of the tobacco world.

Their hands, worn by the rigors of time and labor, are a testament to their dedication to the craft of producing world-class tobacco.

In the shimmering heat, Maria, a third-generation tobacco farmer in the Dominican Republic, meticulously inspects and selects leaves, ensuring only the finest are chosen for fermentation. A few farms away, Carlos in Nicaragua gently strings together tobacco leaves for the drying process, a technique handed down through his family for generations.

They aren’t just workers; they are custodians of ancestral knowledge, tradition, and the very soul of what makes Farm Rolled cigars exceptional. Their day starts with the first light, often working in harmony with nature, adhering to lunar cycles for planting, or using traditional songs as rhythms for their tasks.

Beneath the rustic barn roofs, in the semi-darkness, another group of dedicated workers oversee the fermentation process. The thick aroma of fermenting tobacco fills the air as they regularly check the temperature of the fermenting piles, ensuring that the leaves ferment perfectly.

What stands out isn’t just their impeccable skill, but the pride they exude. To them, every cigar that carries the Farm Rolled banner isn’t just a product – it’s a piece of their heart, their tradition, and their legacy.

Each time you light up a Farm Rolled cigar, remember the hands that cultivated its perfection. From the fields to the barns, it’s their dedication, their passion, and their stories that ignite with every puff.


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