Farm Rolled Cigars

Farm Rolled is not just another cigar brand. It embodies a tale as old as time, drawing inspiration from the world’s most revered tobacco regions. This dedicated space is an homage to our passion, the relationships we’ve cultivated over decades, and most importantly, our commitment to providing aficionados with unparalleled luxury at an unexpected value.

Unveiling the Farm Rolled Legacy

The journey of Farm Rolled begins deep within the rich tapestries of globally renowned tobacco regions. For close to three decades, we’ve been more than mere spectators. We have fostered connections, learnt from the maestros, and built an unparalleled legacy in the cigar world.

Our edge lies in our unique relationships with leading cigar artisans. When these esteemed brands have excess stock of their top-tier cigars, we step in, procuring these premium overruns at a substantial bargain. This process, while simple, allows us to offer a luxurious cigar experience without the extravagant price tag.

Why Farm Rolled?

It’s a question of prestige coupled with value. Every Farm Rolled cigar is an ode to the world’s best cigar brands, procured from their excess stock. So, while the exact origin remains our little secret, the experience is unmistakably top-tier. Many a discerning patron has revelled in identifying the familiar premium touch in our cigars, basking in the joy of luxury at a fraction of the expected cost.

The Regions We Source From

From the lush landscapes of Brazil’s Bahia to the aromatic fields of the Dominican Republic, and the vibrant expanses of Nicaragua and Ecuador, our cigars resonate with global excellence. Each region contributes its unique flavor profile, culminating in a Farm Rolled cigar that is both eclectic and exceptional.


We cordially invite you to explore this dedicated section, delve deep into the Farm Rolled narrative, and embark on a journey that promises the allure of luxury cigars without the hefty price tag. It’s an expedition of discovery, elegance, and remarkable value.

Tales from the Farm

Every Farm Rolled cigar carries with it tales of tradition, craftsmanship, and a legacy of excellence.
With the “Tales from the Farm” series, we offer you an insider’s look into the journey of each cigar – from seed to smoke.

Breaking the Price Barrier

Tired of watching cigar prices soar without any rise in quality? It's time for a change. Learn how Farm Rolled by Puroexpress is setting a new standard for value, giving you a luxury cigar experience without the luxury price tag. Don't miss our latest blog post to uncover the secret

The Rituals of Tobacco Harvesting

The sun begins its descent, casting a golden hue over fields of matured tobacco leaves in regions like the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Brazil. This moment signifies something profound to the tobacco farming communities: the start of the harvesting season, a culmination of months of labor, anticipation, and hope. 

The Aging Secret

On a journey through the vast expanses of Nicaragua's tobacco region, I found myself at the threshold of a realm where time gracefully waltzes with tradition. Behind unassuming doors lay the secret chambers of tobacco aging, rooms where Farm Rolled's masterpieces come of age.

Masters Behind the Magic

From afar, the tobacco fields might seem a place of serenity, a pastoral panorama of nature’s beauty. But delve deeper, and you'll discover a bustling hive of activity: the artisans who transform these raw, aromatic leaves into the symphonic experience that is a Farm Rolled cigar.

The Origin of Excellence

The early morning mist kisses the undulating fields of Nicaragua as the first rays of dawn break, casting an amber glow over lush tobacco plants. Here, in the heart of one of the world's most revered tobacco regions, lies the genesis of Farm Rolled's unparalleled cigars.
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