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An Introduction to Bespoke Nicaragua

A New Frontier in Excellence—Bespoke Nicaragua

Dear Esteemed Aficionado,When we first launched Bespoke, it was with the aim of offering the ultimate cigar experience. Yet the cigar world is expansive, and the palette of our clientele is discerning, ever-evolving. Your collective voices led us to the next logical chapter: Bespoke Nicaragua. It is not an extension but a distinct line, grounded in the unique profiles and artisanal traditions of Nicaraguan tobacco and craftsmanship.Your valuable input through, tastings and private consultations was consistent: you wanted us to explore the aromatic richness, the full-bodied flavors, and the meticulous construction that only Nicaraguan artisans could provide. This wasn’t a passing interest; it was a mandate from you—our devoted customers—to expand our offerings to include the luxurious complexities of Nicaraguan cigars.Bespoke Nicaragua isn’t a twist on Bespoke; it’s its own experience. Here, the focus is on the volcanic soil richness and the unique microclimates that make Nicaraguan tobacco incomparable. The Nicaraguan artisans we work with are masters of their craft, taking painstaking efforts to provide a uniform burn, a smooth draw, and an unparalleled flavor experience.This is not a sideshow; it’s a main event—an elevation in the narrative of what Bespoke can be, inspired by you and realized through the age-old traditions of Nicaraguan cigar craftsmanship. This is your vision turned into reality: a premium Nicaraguan cigar experience that lives up to the Bespoke name, offering another level of sophistication for your discerning taste.We invite you to explore this new frontier with us—Bespoke Nicaragua. This isn’t just our next chapter; it’s yours too.Warm regards,Your Devoted Team at Puroexpress

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