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A Message from Puroexpress

Three Decades in the Making

“We at Puroexpress felt it was time to offer a cigar that cuts through the noise, focusing on what truly matters: exceptional construction, prime tobacco, and unmatched value.”As professors in Marketing and Psychology from Harvard University, we understand that choices—especially in the realm of premium cigars—aren’t made lightly. They’re deeply emotional decisions influenced by years of experience and an unspoken yearning for genuine quality. For three decades, Puroexpress has been the guardian of these lofty ideals in the premium cigar industry. We’ve seen brands come and go, witnessed the impact of fluctuating trends, and navigated shifts in consumer preferences. Through it all, our core ethos has never wavered: to bring authentic, top-tier experiences to discerning aficionados like you.With Bespoke, we’ve taken this mission a step further. It’s not merely another product in our portfolio but a reflection of our decades-long commitment to purity, craftsmanship, and value. Our team of skilled artisans, many of whom have been with us since the start, put their full weight of experience behind Bespoke. The relationships we’ve nurtured over these years with the world’s finest tobacco farmers and skilled craftsmen provide us with unparalleled access to the choicest resources.We’ve closely observed the trends in the cigar industry and made a conscious decision to counteract the superficial inflation of quality and price. The result? Bespoke—a cigar that stands as a proud testament to our unfaltering standards. We know you’ll appreciate the delicate balance of robust flavors, exceptional construction, and affordable luxury that each Bespoke cigar brings.In a world increasingly filled with ephemeral experiences and questionable value propositions, Bespoke offers an opportunity to make a choice that honors both your palate and your intellect.

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