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A Journey in Nicaraguan Craftsmanship

From Volcanic Soils to Your Humidor

Imagine standing in a lush field, touched by the remnants of ancient volcanoes, where tobacco leaves grow tall and robust under the Nicaraguan sun. It’s a landscape that seems almost designed by nature for one purpose: to create the finest cigars in the world. This is where the journey of every Bespoke Nicaragua cigar begins.What sets Bespoke Nicaragua apart is not just the quality of the tobacco, but also the journey it takes from these mineral-rich soils to your humidor. As with our original Bespoke cigars, our Nicaraguan journey is a story of relationships, quality, and an undying commitment to craftsmanship.In the early dawn, the fields come alive with activity. Nicaraguan farmers, many of whom come from generations of tobacco growers, hand-select each leaf with an artist’s touch. These aren’t just suppliers; they are partners and craftspeople, each one contributing their specialized knowledge and skill to create something truly extraordinary.But our dedication doesn’t stop at the farm. Each chosen leaf undergoes meticulous fermentation and aging, processes overseen by master blenders who’ve dedicated their lives to perfecting this art. Here, in the aging rooms filled with the intoxicating aroma of fermenting leaves, the soul of each Bespoke Nicaragua cigar is shaped.And then comes the final, almost ceremonial act of rolling. Skilled artisans, their hands deft from years of experience, assemble each cigar with a precision that almost seems choreographed. In a quiet moment after the day’s work, one of our team members lit up the first Bespoke Nicaragua cigar ever rolled. As the fragrant smoke spiraled upwards, mingling with the evening air, we knew that a masterpiece had been born.This is Bespoke Nicaragua—a cigar born of volcanic soil, nurtured by skilled hands, and perfected through a journey that upholds the Bespoke ethos at each step. By choosing Bespoke Nicaragua, you’re not just choosing a cigar; you’re choosing to be part of a legacy, a story that unfolds with every draw.

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