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Merchant Cigars Robustos Gigantes (10)


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Nicaragua is now synonymous with premium cigars, with many experts now agreeing Nicaragua has now surpassed Cuba In every aspect.

Using Nicaraguan expertise and traditions has resulted ?in a deep and refined blend. The impressive Robusto Gigante format allows smooth yet intense aromas that grow with all their complexity… Giving you the unforgettable enjoyment you deserve.

When we started in this business 23 years ago, we worked with Cubans but also Canary Island tobacco. Many Cuban skills and traditions had escaped the Revolution and ended making cigars in the Canary Islands. There were many stories about Cubans relocating to The Canary Islands with tobacco seeds in their socks!

We knew then that we wanted to launch our own brand. ?But we knew our customers were accustomed to Cuban cigars. It was then that friendships and connections grew with the ex Cuban tobacco makers. And soon a plan was formed.

The Question was then posed :

? Can we make our own cigar that is better than a Cuban??

Ambitious, we know… and some laughs…but since we were starting from scratch, why not try? Anyways, The answers we got surprised us since we expected The Dominican Republic to be at the top of list. Remember this was a while back. What came up on top was ?Nicaragua?, ?Estelli Region? and a few farms which had consistent ?results. (That information we keep close to our chest). ?A few trips and an ace in our sleeve ( the tobacco leaf selection expert, trained in Cuba,
and now deciding what leaves and part of leaves are to be used in different brands…) was with us when choosing farms, factories, and tobacco.

The rest is history. The success is thanks to you. The Cigars we make are second to none. We have not had to do any expensive marketing.
Just showing them off on our website and your word of mouth, so THANK YOU.

Cigar Format : Super Robusto
Cigar Length : 5 1/2″
Cigar Ring Gauge : 56
Cigars Per Box : 10
Binder & filler : A blend of different matured premium tobaccos from Nicaragua


We recommend having your boxes Opened and Inspected to prevent mould or plume on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to plume.

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