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Bolivar Belicosos Finos, Cabinet (25)

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Price: $353.60 AUD   ~USD 166.73
Sale Price: $345.34 AUD  ~USD 162.84
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Size: Length: 5 1/2" Ring Gauge: 52 (140mm x 20.64mm)
Type: Campanas
Cigars per box: 25
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A strong, full bodied cigar that fills the mouth with smooth and rich flavours that remain with you for a long time after the smoking experience. Enjoy the copious quantities of aromatic smoke and the delightful cocoa overtones interlaced with hints of vanilla.



The Bolivar brand, introduced in 1901 was named after the famous warrior Simon Bolivar 1783-1830, who liberated all or part of what is today Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia, These balanced, rich and full bodied cigars demand attention from the senses. Roasted nuts and smooth cream flavours predominate, beware size is not a limit to strength, even the petit versions are warriors! Not a cigar for beginners.

Petit Corona: CA 85, Corona Gigante: CA 86, Royal Corona: CA 86, Corona: CA 86, Corona Extra: CA 87, Belicoso Fino: CA 91, Churchill: CA 91, Lonsdale: CA 91.